The company focuses on modern design, innovative production and good Polish craftsmanship. It is appreciated by many architectural design studios and industry opinion leaders - parquet fitters and developers who have collaborated with Jawor-Parkiet for years. 90 percent of our production is based on raw material from Polish forests. The entire technological process is carried out in accordance with the global standards of responsible forest management and is confirmed by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate.

With family tradition

Jawor-Parkiet is a family-owned Polish company and a leading manufacturer of two-layer, finished wooden floors. The business, created in 1991, initially dealt with the production of mosaic floor tiles for foreign markets. As the trends transformed, the mosaic floors have been extended with solid wooden floors, and after 2000 the first wooden layered floors began to roll off the production line. Today, these make up 100% of our production.

From the heart of Masuria

The business's registered office is located in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie in Warmińsko-Mazurskie Province. An area of over 5 hectares houses the most state-of-the-art machine park in the industry, from which the floors are sent to over 250 partner retail shops all over Poland, including Jawor-Parkiet showrooms. Despite its significant presence on the Polish market, most of the company's products are still exported to Germany, Italy, China, Scandinavian countries, Georgia and New Zealand, among others. The company is a member of the following organizations: Stowarzyszenie Parkieciarze Polscy [Polish Parquet Floor Fitters Association], Ogólnopolskie Stowarzyszenie Parkieciarzy [Polish Association of Parquet Floor Fitters], Europejska Federacja Producentów Podłóg [European Federation of the Parquet Industry], Polska Izba Gospodarcza Przemysłu Drzewnego [Polish Economic Chamber of Wood Industry].

A wide selection

Our company's offer includes a wide range of parquets and 490-2500 mm floor boards suitable for installation on floor heating. Jawor-Parkiet wooden floors are available in a few collections differing in color and finishes. They include traditional floor boards and parquets, Chevron herringbone floor, available in several formats, DesignExperience, which is a short equal-length floor board, allowing for numerous arrangement options and dedicated to architects, and FertigDeska Luxury, a long floor board, the elements of which measure up to 2.5 m in length. The offer is complemented by antiquated and originally stylized floors. The Vintage collection and the high-end Retro Collection are two series of oak layered floors, which are characterized by a unique surface aging and display of the natural qualities of wood. The boards and parquets are available in a wide color range - from whitewashed and natural, through gray and beige, to dark and thermo-heated. The line offering a vast array of shades is the Color Inspiration collection. The colors inspired by sunny Italy can be used in most of the available formats. Jawor-Parkiet floors are mostly made from oak and ash and certain exotic wood species. They are available in the following finishes: oil-wax, varnish and Fusion Hybrid coating.


FEP TUV FSC Jawor-Parkiet

Jawor-Parkiet seen through the eyes of famous artists

30 years of Jawor-Parkiet

The company's thirtieth birthday is a perfect occasion to do something special. Therefore, to mark its anniversary, Jawor-Parkiet decided to invite 3 artists-illustrators whose task was to create a portrait of the company. And so, Andrzej Pągowski, Bolesław Chromry and Bartosz Zaskórski immortalized Jawor-Parkiet with four interesting images on paper.

The choice was not arbitrary

The Wooden Flooring Manufacturer, Jawor-Parkiet, is a family business started in 1991 and currently managed by two generations. Therefore, in the current anniversary year, the company invited three recognized artists representing different generations to collaborate. Thanks to this very fruitful collaboration the artists have created 4 very interesting portraits of the company. Each of the portraits is different and unique but they all make a direct reference to the activities of Jawor-Parkiet.

Acclaimed personalities and their achievements

Two of the four drawings we authored by Andrzej Pągowski - graphic artist, author of a significant number of portraits, murals, computer graphics, over 1500 thousand posters announcing plays, films, art festivals and song contests. His works can be admired in the most famous museums in the world, including MoMA in New York and San Francisco and Centre Pompidou in Paris. The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art placed his poster Wolf’s Smile among the 100 most important works of modern art in MoMA’s collection. He portrayed the company as a woman - nature and made the following comment on his work:

Another artist invited to collaborate was Bolesław Chromry - illustrator, author of graphic novels, painter, graphic artist, copywriter, author of covers and posters. All his works speak about contemporary Poland and are set in the current reality or in the near future. This artist is especially appreciated for the universal nature of his works. He draws attention to the things that amuse and irritate the majority of Polish society. So, as is typical for his work, he portrayed the company good naturedly. This is how he commented on his drawing:

The artists managed to perfectly convey the character of the company, its ambitions and values. It is said that a good picture is worth a thousand words. The combination of art and business, i.e., art branding, adds perfectly to the strength and stability of a brand, and Jawor-Parkiet represents one of them.

The drawings of the artists can be seen live in all Jawor-Parkiet showrooms. The works, autographed by the authors, will be given as gifts to the architects and business partners that are close to the company.