ZeroWaste Collection from Jawor-Parkiet

Floors from the ZeroWaste collection are available exclusively in at authorized Jawor-Parquet distributors.

Zero Waste is a form of a certain manifesto and a message to the customer - the greatest value of wood flooring lies in its natural beauty. This collection is a return to nature. It exposes the imperfections of wood and transforms the natural flaws of the raw material into its advantages.

Wooden flooring not only for ECO freaks

The 21st century means greater acceptance in fashion and design, and also concern for the world around us and a move away from idealized beauty. The design turns to nature's colours, deliberately replacing unwarranted consumerism with recycled things and conscious choice of biodegradable, long-lasting and planet-friendly products.

The collection of two-layer wooden floors called Zero Waste was created not only for eco freaks, but first of all for conscious customers who have the good of the planet in mind and care about sustainable development, thinking about future generations. They are convinced that the consumerist approach to life must have an end because the earth's resources are not unlimited.

Floor for underfloor heating

for underfloor

The colours of elements

The colours in the collection are inspired by the colours of nature and the elements. It features soft beiges, natural and deep browns, as well as subdued white. The names of the décors form the name of the collection: Zenith, Earth, Rain, Organic, Water, Air, Soil, Timber, Energy. Additional two décors in the collection are Cloud – light brown and subtle as a cloud in the sky and deep&warm Lava.

History written in wood

The planks and parquet in the Zero Waste collection are the answer to the possibilities, but also to the current needs of the market. The new collection stands in opposition to the floors in the Elegance class reigning for years which are almost perfect, knotless and with an even, predictable drawing. Zero Waste reminds us that: beauty is hidden in nature. Therefore, there is a lot going on on the surface of these floors. Each piece is different and unique. There are numerous knots, sometimes even very visible, cracks and rich grain pattern. Additional refining processes such as oil-waxing, brushing and four-sided bevelling highlight the charm of the floor.