FertigDeska Design Experience

FertigDeska Design Experience

FertigDeski Design Experience is a line of short boards dedicated to architects and cut to the length of 590, 600 or 750 mm in the Design Experience Maxi version and 900 mm in the Design Experience Maxi+ version.

A uniform size of individual floor elements as well as right and left tongues encourage designers and interior decorators to be creative, allowing them to create a variety of patterns such as, e.g., classic herringbone, squares or ladder.

A floor laid like that guarantees an original effect that will not go unnoticed.

The floor is recommended for
in-floor heating

FertigDeska Design Experience Maxi was awarded in the Good Design 2019 competition, in the “Floors and Walls” category, which distinguishes the best, most interesting interior design products and solutions that change the interiors of houses and apartments.

Design Experience, Design Experience Maxi​ and Design Experience Maxi​+ floors come in all colors of the Color Inspiration series.

Design Experience

thickness: 15 mm
width: 120 mm
length: 590 lub 600 mm

Design Experience Maxi

thickness: 15 mm
width: 140 lub 150 mm
length: 750 mm

Design Experience Maxi+

thickness: 15 mm
width: 180 mm
length: 900 mm