Awards and distinctions

Must Have 2023 for Zero Waste Oak Air



Dobry Wzór 2022 award for ZeroWaste collection.

Chevron & Retro Collection


Teraz Polska dla Retro Collection

"Teraz Polska" (Poland Now) Emblem 2021 for the Retro Collection.

Teraz Polska dla FertigDeski

"Teraz Polska" (Poland Now) Emblem 2020 for FertigDeska and FertigDeska Luxury.


Dobry Design 2020 dla FertigDeski Chevron Alabastro

Good Design 2020 - main prize in the “Floors and Walls” category for FertigDeska Chevron Oak Color Alabastro.

Wyróżnienie Dobry Design dla Design Experience

Good Design 2019 - distinction in the “Floors and Walls” category for FertigDeska Design Experience Maxi

Inspirations 2018 - distinction in the “Floors” category for FertigDeska Design Experience

Consumer's Laurel 2018 - second prize in the “Wooden floors” category; Grand Prix 2018.



Dobry Design 2018 dla kolekcji Chevron

Dobry Design 2018 = main prize in the “Floors and Walls” category for the Chevron Collection.

Żagle Warmii i Mazur dla kolekcji Vintage Series

The Vintage Series collection received a distinction in the "Żagle of Warmia and Mazury" competition

Certyfikat Home Zone 2017 dla Retro Collection

Home Zone 2017 - Quality and Reliability Certificate for the Retro Collection.



Wyróżnienie Innovation@Domotex dla kolekcji FertigDeska Luxury

Innovation@Domotex 2015 – the jury recognized the design and functionality of FertigDeska Luxury.

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