FertigDeska Luxury

FertigDeska Luxury

In life, it is worth paying attention to the little things, savoring the taste of your favorite wine, being dazzled by the charms of the Cote d'Azur, even from the perspective of a yacht moored in the port of Cannes, or eating oysters in a seaside cafe overlooking the Italian Positano.

For enthusiasts of beautiful interiors, FertigDeska Luxury is like Tiffany & Co. jewelery for Holly Golightly in the famous Breakfast at Tiffany's or like the Monaco Grand Prix for a Formula 1 fan or Christian Louboutin's heels for a fashionista.

In theory, one can do without it, but having it, walking on a finished, smooth or brushed warm wood surface gives a sense of luxury and incredible comfort. Everyday contact with beauty and perfect form provided only by extra-long floor elements add a special flavor to life.

The floor's design and functionality were awarded with a distinction by the jury of the Innovation@Domotex 2015 competition at the fair in Hannover.

FertigDeska Luxury has also gained the recognition of the Institute of Industrial Design and became one of the products recommended for the Good Design 2015 Competition.

LUXURY MAXI Board surface 0.75m2
LUXURY 220 Board surface 0.44m2
FertigDeska Luxury 220
thickness: 15 mm
width: 180 - 200 mm
length: 1500 - 2200 mm
FertigDeska Luxury Maxi
thickness: 15 mm
width: 260 lub 290 mm
length: 2000 - 2500 mm