A wide selection of wood species and finishes, unique coloring methods, exceptional resistance - these are some of the many advantages of FertigDeska. It is a ready-to-use floor with two-layer construction, which not only makes the floor suitable for installation on floor heating, but also ensures great resistance to deformation.

In order to protect the wood and showcase its natural qualities, the board is covered with three layers of natural oil-wax or eight layers of UV varnish already at the production stage.

The floor is recommended for
in-floor heating

The FertigDeska Collection with an award

We are proud to say that in 2020 the floors from Jawor-Parkiet’s FertigDeska Collection received the “Teraz Polska” emblem. The award goes to products with exceptional quality and technology, good design and Polish origin.

thickness: 11 lub 14 mm
width: 130 - 150 mm
length: 700 - 1500 mm

While the world and the objects around us change, we treat classics as a reference point. The better the prototype, however, the fewer changes it requires over the years.

Due to its larger size, FertigDeska Maxi enables to showcase the natural features of wood more fully and allows for new arrangement possibilities.

thickness: 15 mm
width: 140 - 150 mm
length: 1500 - 2200 mm


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