Glue and Primer

jp grunt eko en
Suggested price (tax included): 28.00 EUR / pkg
J-P Grunt Eko 5L
Primer for polyurethane adhesives for wooden floors.
jp bond elastic 2k banerek
Suggested price (tax included): 38.00 EUR / pkg
J-P Bond Elastic 2K 10kg
Two-component polyurethane adhesive for parquet flooring. Long open time, solvent-free, odourless and flexible.
jp primer eco banerek
Suggested price (tax included): 106.00 EUR / pkg
J-P Primer Eco 5L
One-component fast-drying polyurethane primer.
jp bond elastic en
Suggested price (tax included): 116.00 EUR / pkg
J-P Bond Elastic 17kg
Solvent-free, elastic hybrid adhesive for wooden floors.
jp primer rapid en
Suggested price (tax included): 131.00 EUR / pkg
J-P Primer Rapid 5L
Solvent-free, polyurethane primer and anti-moisture coating for cementitious substrates.