Retro Collection

Striking or subtle?

The collection consists of hand-styled, raw-looking boards inspired by the land development of Warmia and Masuria, rough boards with well-defined texture and pronounced saw marks, as well as smooth and velvety floors – subtle and delicate to the touch. A wide range of colors and a great selection of wood finishes make the Retro Collection floors a great complement to any interior, combining separate decor elements into a coherent whole.

The floor is recommended for in-floor heating

RetroCollection wins the “Teraz Polska” (“Poland: Now”) promotional emblem

The Retro Collection floors combine the love of natural beauty with design and functionality. Originally styled oak boards meet the needs of users who appreciate out-of-the-box solutions and a unique character of an interior.


Owing to their unique design, hand styling of a surface and diverse sizes of individual boards, Retro floors give interiors their own rhythm – they add dynamics or, just the opposite, make the rooms more serene.
As a result, a home’s decor reflects the tastes of its residents and their lifestyles, constituting a harmonious whole.

Meet the Retro Collection lines

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