Louvre – one of the world’s largest museums. The collection, which captures the essence of French history, is viewed against the backdrop of decorative interiors which bring all the 350 collection pieces together to make a harmonious whole. Richly ornamented ceilings and columns are breathtaking and the materials used only add to the loftiness of the space.

This is where the popularity of the hardwood flooring laid in the symmetrical pattern known as chevron first began. We can admire the floor in the Louvre still today. Museum visitors first see it in the main hall. Further on, in the rooms of the Grande Galerie covering more than 3000 square meters, they experience the same effect that French aristocrats admired a few centuries ago. Refined elegance, exclusiveness and wealth.

It is a ready-made floor with two-layer construction, which not only makes the floor suitable for installation on floor heating, but also ensures great resistance to deformation.

Chevron – French herringbone
is available in the following dimensions:

FertigDeska Chevron

840 mm x 150 mm
pattern width 1188 mm
850 mm x 140 mm
pattern width 1202 mm
860 mm x 130 mm
pattern width 1216 mm

FertigDeska Chevron

590 mm x 150 mm
pattern width 834 mm
600 mm x 140 mm
pattern width 849 mm

FertigDeska Chevron

440 mm x 150 mm
pattern width 622 mm
450 mm x 140 mm
pattern width 636 mm

FertigParkiet Chevron

415 mm x 70 mm
pattern width 587 mm
405 mm x 65 mm
pattern width 573 mm