Our top-quality wooden floors are produced in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie, located in the western part of Mazury, where our company has been headquartered since 1991. Thanks to lush green forests and clean lakes that surround us we are close to nature every day. It is also what inspires us at work. Respect for the natural environment and requirements concerning its protection are reflected in each stage of our production process. Environmental protection is an integral part of our company policy and an important element of our long-term development strategy.

Eco-friendly floors

Only wooden floors have so many advantages - they are not only beautiful and extremely durable but also completely eco-friendly, easy to store and dispose of. Jawor-Parkiet products are safe for humans and the environment, they consist entirely of natural raw materials and are protected only with varnishes and oils without any solvents and harmful substances.

Social and natural aspects of the economy

Keeping in mind the importance of wood in nature, we treat it with due respect. Our floors are produced using the best quality wood - ninety percent of our production is based on raw material from Polish forests managed in a way to ensure the stability of the ecosystem, sustainable development and environmental protection. The remaining ten percent of raw material used in our production process are exotic woods. When purchasing them, we check their origin in detail, thus fulfilling the requirements of EU regulations (EUTR).

Compliance of our production standards with the highest global standards of responsible forest management is confirmed by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate. The FSC® logo can be found on the raw materials and products of companies that have implemented the FSC® Chain of Custody standards at their facilities and have successfully passed an audit by an accredited certification body.

Reduction in CO2 emissions

With a view to limiting the impact of industrial activity on the environment, we regularly carry out pro-environmental modernizations. At our facilities, we use production residues to make high-quality biofuel having the form of fireplace briquette and Premium Pellets. The use of renewable energy sources in the production process enables a significant reduction in the emissions of CO2 as well as sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. To further minimize our own impact on the environment, we use electrostatic precipitators, which in turn clean the gases from dusts generated in the combustion process.

Jawor-Parkiet E-fleet

We have turned to electricity! In 2020, we replaced our forklift fleet with fully electric vehicles. Our employees can move around the company's 5-acre site using e-scooters.

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