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Oak Color Caldo
Color Inspiration Oak Color Caldo

Bleached, natural oak with delicate shades of grey. These are the colors of the shimmering rocks of the sunny and romantic town of Positano. Located on the Tyrrhenian Sea, Positano impresses with its pastel Mediterranean buildings nearly cascading into the sea. This floor will perfectly emphasize the Scandinavian-style interiors. It will be the perfect choice for those who want to showcase the minimalist character of an interior.

Elegance: Sapwood not allowed, healthy small sound knots acceptable, random fibres arrangement, acceptable colour differences, silver grain allowed

Classic: Sapwood allowed, healthy small sound knots acceptable, random fibres arrangement, acceptable colour differences, cracks, silver grain allowed

Country: Sapwood allowed, knots allowed, random fibres arrangement, significant colour differences, cracks, silver grain allowed

Product details

Type of finishes
  • 8 layers of Fusion Hybrid

    Innovative super-matte coating combining the characteristics of an oil-wax and UV lacquer for spot-on renovation. 

  • 4 layers of oil-wax finish

    Oil-wax: Infiltrates the structure of wood, underlining its natural beauty and, at the same, preserving the floor. Requires more frequent maintenance, but enables to make spot renovations.

  • iko szczotka Brushing

    Involves brushing the soft parts of the grain to produce fine hollows.It gives the floor an aged effect.

  • iko v4 Bevelling V4

    In four-sided beveling, all four edges are slightly cut. It visually exposes individual elements of the floor.

  • iko ogrzewanie Underfloor heating

    The floor is prepared to be applied on underfloor heating.

Patterns of laying parquet
  • cegielka Brick pattern

    Does not require any special preparation of the floor. Requires elements of equal length.

  • drabinka Ladder pattern
  • kwadrat Square pattern

    Rightandleft tongue required

  • cegielka ukosna Oblique brick pattern

    Does not require any special preparation of the floor. Requires elements of equal length.

  • jodelka klasyczna Herringbone pattern

    Rightandleft tongue required

  • standardowa Straight lay pattern
Tree species

Technical parametres:
Density: 690 kg/m3

Janka: 65 MPa

Volumetric shrinkage:
radial: 0.167
tangential: 0,342

Oak is the most valued native species of deciduous trees. Naturally grows in Europe and locally in western Asia. It is a long-lived tree, growing for more than 300 years. Inividual specimens can have even 1000 years. Oak can be up to 40 m high.  
Oaken wood has a light-brown to dark-brown color. Each growth ring starts at least one or more rows of vessels with good lighting, which makes the rings easily visible. It is possible for numerous knots to appear.

Oak belongs to the category of medium shrinkable wood with a high level of hardness and density. It is density which is responsible for its high mechanical properties. This wood is characterized by high compressing and static bending strength.  

The most attractive from the esthetical point of view is a radial section with silver grain visible, underlined through finishing with varnish layers. Oak wood is considered a universal material with numerous uses. Can be applied both indoors and outdoors.

Description and cross-section

Color Inspiration

FertigDeska Color Inspiration is a ready-made, two-layer floor built on the same construction as FertigParkiet. The difference between the two products is the size of a single element. Relatively large surface of individual elements makes this product perfectly suited for spacious interiors, which visually gain in size thanks to them.

Dimensions and packaging

Dimensions of Color Inspiration series depend on the collection
(FertigParkiet, Fertig Deska, Design Experience etc.)

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with the new arranger
Oak Color Caldo

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